Navigating the Ever Changing                    Landscapes of Life

Whether you are experiencing ~

Depression – Anxiety – Grief – Loss – Confusion – Or any kind of  life transition, Transpersonal Counselling will guide you to find exactly what you need, to navigate your way forward,

Transpersonal Therapy & Counselling is a gently, empowering, life changing process that will enable you to begin to take charge of your life, in positive, creative ways.

Through Transpersonal Counselling, you will discover how negative thought patterns and emotions, that may be preventing you from moving forward in your life, are stored, how they evolved and how to release them ~ the body remembers everything!

By liberating ourselves from the past and releasing anxiety in relation to the future, we are better able to see our choices in any given moment, rather than relating to the present with past programming and fearing the future because we believe it will bring more of what we experienced in the past.

We cannot change the past – however we can change our relationship to it!

Transpersonal Therapy will help you to move past self-limitation – Fear! To a place of mindfulness, expanded awareness and trust – Love!

Loving oneself is the key to transformation, but what does that actually mean?

It means being conscious of our thoughts, our emotions, what we take into our bodies, the environments we place ourselves in, who we place ourselves with and what we spend our time doing.                                                                                                                                                   It’s about being mindful of what is nourishing (life-giving), in our lives and what is not.

Our thoughts and our emotions continually shape our lives. We are powerful creators, whatever we can imagine we can create, so it is important to know where that creative force coming from… LOVE or FEAR?

…Journeying towards Wholeness