Art work from workshop entitled ‘Vasilisa’…..’A Doll in the Pocket’.

What a wonderfully rewarding and nourishing day!

Every time I take the opportunity to re-visit one of these beautiful stories, yet another layer is revealed in the fabric of tale. The archetypes and symbols speak even more deeply, as each participant relates the motives in the story to their own lives. In turn I am shown again and again the power of story ( and art ) as a form of ‘medicine’.

We are continually telling stories. We tell stories of our day, our adventures, our challenges, our trials and our observations. Some times however we can be so much a part of our own story – telling, that in a way the story begins to tell us! In other words we can get stuck in our own stories to the degree that we find ourselves repeating the same story over and over again, and wonder why situations in our lives keep repeating themselves.

So, one of the most powerful healing aspects of this kind of story – telling, is that the universal symbols and motives embedded in them speak deeply to the subconscious, in a way that just talking about one’s  life situation cannot. Consequently we are able to see aspects of our own lives played out on a mythical stage and taken to another level, a one of new possibility, empowering choices, and deep resolve. 

Take a moment to look at some of the images created during the workshop, and the delightful dolls that came to life on the day.

l would like to thank all the Women that took part in the Workshop. Through your sharing and your openness, I received so much more that l can now pass on to others

With Love and Gratitude to each and everyone of you


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