Counselling for Kids

How Can Transpersonal Counselling/Art Therapy Help My Child?

  • Transpersonal Counselling/Art Thera;y can help by ~
  • Building Confidence
  • Developing Resilience
  • Developing Self Expression
  • Creating a Safe Environment to Express Feelings
  • Exploring the dynamics present in Bullying ~ and developing New Responses
  • Guiding the child to find ways to handle Loss and Grief
  • Releasing Trauma
  • Developing Inner Resources

Transpersonal counselling is a specialised way of working that combines Counselling, Art Therapy, the imagination and the child’s own unique skills and talents, to navigate a way through times of difficulty.

Why Art Therapy?

Often it can be difficult for a child to express how they are feeling or what is on their mind. By using Art as therapy the child is given a safe, creative and dynamic way of describing what is going on whilst opening a door to the imagination to create meaningful solutions and lasting change.


February 17, 2017

Art Therapy gave Sam the opportunity to find his emotional voice. he was able to express things to us in a way that he had not been able to before and we learned things about Sam we never knew!

We now have a higher awareness, which enables us to stay closer to all of our children.

I am so grateful that we met Eugéne.


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