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What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is not just saying thanks if someone gives us a gift or holds the door open for us.

Gratitude is much more than that, it’s an emotion and our emotions are our number one indicators to how we are vibrating ~ Or to put it more simply, what kind of energy we are experiencing and transmitting.

For example if we are feeling  joy we vibrate at a different level, than if we are feeling angry. The higher our level of vibration is, the more positive our life experiences will be.

 If however we experience anger most of the time, it’s a pretty sure bet, that our life is not going to be all that we hoped it would be, and the chances of us heading in the direction of our dreams, are going to be pretty slim.

‘We get what we focus on, or in other words we receive, whatever matches up to the emotions we are experiencing. If we are happy, we tend to get happier; if we feel crappy, then more crap tends to come our way!’

This is an excerpt from ‘ A Gift of GRATITUDE’ By Derek Barker

Even when things are not seemingly going the way we would like them to, if we can change our minds about any given situation, and find a place of gratitude within ourselves for what is, and give up resistance, miracles can happen.

By simply becoming more grateful we can begin to change our perceptions, which in turn, can enable us to change our minds.

As we become more conscious of the ways in which we think, we can begin to change once perceived dramas, into positive, life giving situations.

How wonderfully liberating is that!









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