February 17, 2017

Please allow me to share my experience of Eugene Chattelle and Soul Ways

My wish is for the reader of this to feel what l am trying to express about the difference Eugene has played in my life. l, like many others had experiences in my life that l felt held me back, sometimes very consciously and others not so consciously.

When l met Eugene l felt a gentle warm human being guiding me to rediscover the light and pure essence l already had inside me.

The way she did this l felt was personalised especially for me and my life and not some standard text book therapy designed for standard people ( which we are not ). Never did l get told l had to fix this or fix that, but gentle guidance back to my true being, l learnt indeed to TRUST WHAT COMES.

l guess the best testimony l can give is to tell you who l am today. l am perfect just the way l am.

l have good days, l have day day’s. l have unearthed this beautiful human being full of love and life. This is not to say that l wasn’t this already but with Eugene’s guidance l re-discovered a deeper understanding of my true essence.

l am not what people tell me l am . l am not what people think l am. l am that gorgeous being of love that l see whenever l am still and with myself.

Thank you beautiful Eugene for being here at the same time l am. And l wish all that are privileged to be guided to you all the love and kindness desired.


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