February 17, 2017

Dearest Eugene,

l wish to take this time to say thank you so very much for all you have shared with and taught me over the past weeks.

You have taught me the courage to be myself 'warts and all,' you have made me realise every facet of myself is worthy of love.

You have also taught me that the answer to all problems is love.

l now feel ready to get on with my life task, l have always known that something very special was waiting for me. l know now that is to teach.

It's just that l never felt worthy or experienced enough. l know now that it was just my ego having it's way with me. l now direct my life and feel responsible for my life and all l do.

Thank you, Andrea

February 17, 2017

Dear Eugene,

l cannot begin to express my gratitude for the work you did with me. Tears fill my eyes trying to thank you for your thought and the tenderness you shared with me. l truly loved our work together.

Bless you B

February 17, 2017

Dear Eugene,

Thank you for enabling me to embark on this special journey that l know will last a lifetime.

You are a very unique spirit with an incredible gift to help others heal.

Thank you Kia

February 17, 2017

Eugene, you may not know the depths of your work.

All l can say is thank you!


February 17, 2017

Please allow me to share my experience of Eugene Chattelle and Soul Ways

My wish is for the reader of this to feel what l am trying to express about the difference Eugene has played in my life. l, like many others had experiences in my life that l felt held me back, sometimes very consciously and others not so consciously.

When l met Eugene l felt a gentle warm human being guiding me to rediscover the light and pure essence l already had inside me.

The way she did this l felt was personalised especially for me and my life and not some standard text book therapy designed for standard people ( which we are not ). Never did l get told l had to fix this or fix that, but gentle guidance back to my true being, l learnt indeed to TRUST WHAT COMES.

l guess the best testimony l can give is to tell you who l am today. l am perfect just the way l am.

l have good days, l have day day's. l have unearthed this beautiful human being full of love and life. This is not to say that l wasn't this already but with Eugene's guidance l re-discovered a deeper understanding of my true essence.

l am not what people tell me l am . l am not what people think l am. l am that gorgeous being of love that l see whenever l am still and with myself.

Thank you beautiful Eugene for being here at the same time l am. And l wish all that are privileged to be guided to you all the love and kindness desired.


February 17, 2017

Dear Eugene,

Simply put... THANK YOU, at a time in my life when I was not sure where to turn, along came the likes of you. Your skills and love for Nature and Humanity goes over and above what one would call, a normal call of duty. I thank you so much for what you have helped nurture and grow in me. If it were not for your guidance, love and support I feel I would still be lost.

Many lives will be changed as a result of your help, skills and understanding of others. Bless you Eugene. x

Namaste, Johan

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