The Handless Maiden

The most Recent Workshop from Soul Ways entitled: ‘ The Handless Maiden’ was a real delight.

You can View some of the wonderful Art work from the Workshop by clicking on ‘Art Therapy’

A day of storytelling, art and discovery hosting by Eugéne Chatelle.

Story has been used for generations to help give meaning to our lives and to reach the deeper aspects of the psyche.

We all tell stories in our day-to-day lives and we are all drawn to the hypnotic power of story, like moths to a flame.

Come and allow yourself to be taken into the depths of this wonderful tale of innocence, betrayal, wisdom and wonder

A truly magical day!  You will enter into the realms of the imagination, explore the deeper aspects of this delightful story whilst being guided to find your own personal images and symbols.

No artistic experience necessary.

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