Art Therapy


Art Therapy enables us to express feelings that would otherwise be too difficult or too painful to describe. Yet interestingly, once these feelings have been given form, words begin to flow easily.

Whether we are experiencing anger, grief, loss, confusion or any number of emotions, once we connect with these feelings healing begins to take place.

The first thing that is important to know about ‘Art Therapy’ is that it is not about being able to draw or paint! In some ways the term ‘Art Therapy is a little misleading, because it is really about expressing ourselves through images, symbols and colours, a language that is universal and non-threatening.

For example, to say that we are ‘depressed’ does not describe how we are feeling, and no two people will experience depression in the same way. Art Therapy helps us to make visible what would otherwise be invisible and make known what was previously unknown.

By translating feelings into colours and symbols it becomes much clearer to see what needs to be done in order to bring about change/healing – these images literally speak to us.

This process has often been described as a kind of ‘miracle,’ which is not surprising, because it can be incredibly liberating to gain deeper knowledge and understanding in such a profound way – it sets us free!

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View artworks created by individuals with no previous artistic experience during some of the Art Therapy courses facilitated by Eugéne.