Transpersonal Therapy & Counselling

Transpersonal Therapy & Counselling looks at all areas of life. ‘Listening’ to all aspects of what it is to be a human being; acknowledging that every part of us is intricately connected, with no part operating in isolation. All of these parts of us are equally important in making up the whole…..wholeness!

We learn all manner of behaviours throughout our lives in order to “survive.”                         To survive pain, humiliation, fear, loss, injury etc…..                                                                   The problem is, that we often get stuck in ‘survival mode’ long after the initial pain or incident has subsided; keeping us locked into the past, missing out on the present and creating a future based on fear.

Through Transpersonal Therapy you will embark upon a process of re-member-ing and re-connecting to the truth of who you are, ensuring that these limiting patterns no longer control your life, creating a better you, better relationships and a better world!

As we begin to live in the present the past loses its hold on us and we begin to realise we have a choice about our future.