What does ‘The Law Of Attraction’ mean in real terms?

Basically the law of attraction means that whatever I focus on I WILL into being, I manifest~create! Because l am using my WILL to bring what l am focussing on into my physical reality – whether that focus is positive or negative. Energy is energy it’s just what we do with it that makes the difference.

When l focus on something positive, l increase the energy output in that direction, therefore that positive attention will bring more positivity into my life.

The same applies when l focus on something negative, l just increase the energy spent in that direction manifesting more negativity in my life!

It’s actually really simple, it’s not rocket science!

If l am wanting to achieve anything in my life, be it a career, a loving relationship, a holiday, a new skill, better health, or simply more happiness, l am not going to achieve anything by telling myself that ‘l can’t do it, l don’t deserve it, l’m not good enough, attractive enough or clever enough.

Nor will l necessarily manifest my desire overnight! What l will be able to do however, is put my energy in the direction of what it is l am wanting to create and begin to ‘grow,’ manifest my desire with my will, my attention and my love.

l had a client recently who didn’t believe she could get back into the workforce.               Illness had meant that she had spent some time away from work and she had lost her confidence.

Not surprisingly!

What she was telling herself  however was that nobody would want to employ someone like her, that she had no skills, that she was hopeless and stupid.                                             This was the where her thinking and consequently her energy was going.                                     She was becoming immobilised by fear and anxiety, and losing more and more confidence by the day.

So we began to look at what she would like to do if she had the confidence. And then we looked at what she would require in order to manifest that desire.

In other words we started to focus on gathering information and giving attention to what she wanted rather than what she didn’t want. We stopped giving attention to her lack of confidence, fear and anxiety, stopped ‘feeding’ it you could say, and gave attention instead, to her desire.

She began by volunteering her services twice a week in an area that she would like to work and found that she loved it, and  began to feel more confident,

She then applied for a part-time paid position and was accepted, which increased her confidence even more, and now, six months later, she is working full-time in a job that she loves and  receiving nothing but positive feedback from her employers and her clients!

All this was achieved by changing her focus which enabled her to change her mind, which in turn changed her life!

So the Law Of Attraction just means l will get more of what l focus on…..simple!

The first step on this journey is CONSCIOUSNESS. We need to become AWARE of what we are giving our attention to and whether or not it serves us!

Old beliefs, old thought patterns and fears sabotage us and keep us from the truth of who we are…..We are all creators with amazing creative potential…. The question is!….What do we wish to create?

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